Apex Legends Free Account

Apex Legends Free Account

We will give you specific information about the free Apex Legends account and the game in this article. Apex Legends is a free battle royale game created by EA Games through the Origin platform. In a way, the game is a prolific answer to battle royale games such as DayZ, H1Z1, and PUBG by EA Games. In other games, usually the player vs AI or player vs player is the main aspect. Apex Legends also has the player vs player type of gameplay. However, in the game, players choose characters before the start, which dictates the outcome. Mostly, if the characters are in harmony, the ending results will be positive. Therefore, in Apex Legends, teamwork is more important comparing to the other games in the genre. Moreover, the strategic aspects became more crucial. The only downside of the game is leveling up an account. It takes a considerable amount of time to level up or open boxes, packages, and champions. Also, when you lose, you almost get any experience points. Due to that, beginners are looking for free Apex Legends accounts.

Free Apex Legends Accounts and Passwords 

You can open these free Apex Legends accounts with Origin.

Free Account 

The free Apex accounts we have listed before are consist of accounts, that vary between 40. and 100. Levels. These accounts are listed randomly. Therefore, there is no listing order. We suggest that you should take just only one account. We are sharing these accounts free, and there are lots of players who are looking for them. Lastly, our purpose here to help beginners. Therefore, our website is not responsible for anything related to the accounts.

Apex Legends Coins Key

Apex Free Coin through Codes 

You need to follow these steps if you want to get Free Apex Coin through codes.

  • Open the Origin and login to your Apex Legends account.
  • Go to ‘’My Game Library’’
  • Right-click on the Apex Legend icon and select the ‘’Game Properties’’ option.
  • Go to the ‘’Advanced Launch Options’’ section.
  • Insert the ‘’+debug_force_eaaccess 1’’ code to the associated section.
  • Open the game.

When the game opens, you will see that 1000 coins and a legendary outfit are in your account. At this point, we would like to state that this process is just a suggestion for us. Our website is not responsible for the outcome (limited or unlimited ban) of your actions.

  • APX –4G5T-3W0N-JD6D
  • APX –U15G-5VC1-RJBM
  • IMD9-1GH2-5IIG
  • 6IB8-5SNB-Q9KL
  • CZ4S-0HKC-2C7H

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pls can i get the steam wallet code
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Plz tell me that is a stacked acc PS4 tho tell me the password

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Please can i get the steam wallet code


can i get the steam wallet code please


can i please get a steam wallet code


Please let me get an apex heirloom account to [email protected]


can you give me an apex legends accaunt with 100+ level
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pls can i get apex account?


Please give me a heirloom


Please give me a heirloom account with blood hounds heirloom


can i get free steam wallet code


Can I please get an Apex account with a lot of legendary‘s and hair looms plz


Can I get a heir loom act plz [email protected]


can i pls get an apex account or steam code

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please a apex legends account

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can i get a high level account

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