Can Anxiety Cause Burning Sensation In Head ?

can anxiety cause burning sensation in head

What are anxiety and what are its causes? Is it not just a mental problem which may not be accompanied by physical manifestations? Anxiety is more than just a feeling of apprehension or fear. It is an abnormal reaction of the human brain to an outside stimulus such as sight, sound, smell, touch or thought. When this happens, the human mind automatically starts calculating how the outside stimulus has influence on the human body.

It is the human brain’s way of preparing you for any probable scenarios by constantly monitoring all the possible inputs you can get from the surrounding. The brain evaluates all possible dangers and gives signals to the body in order for you to avoid danger. However, when the human mind notices that there is no danger present but instead an overly sensitized response towards a certain situation, then the brain gets confused. As a result, this over stimulated response sends signals to the body causing the person experiencing it to experience intense and overwhelming sensations in the head and sometimes in the body as well.

Burning Sensation In The Head

Can Anxiety Cause Burning Sensation In Head ?

This is how anxiety manifests itself. Burning sensation in the head is often linked to panic attacks and high levels of anxiety. When the brain experiences this exaggerated response from the nerves, the brain sends signals to the whole body to experience an uncomfortable burning sensation that is known as a panic attack. People who have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) suffer from excessive and unrealistic worry and tension. It is also classified as a persistent state of worry which may not have an underlying physical cause.

Headaches, nausea and dizziness are among the common symptoms associated with GAD. There is also a general sense of dread that grips the body of its victims. Because of these symptoms, it is very difficult for them to perform even daily tasks because they constantly feel threatened and their thoughts spin out of control. They become incapable of making it through a simple conversation and experience severe headaches at times.

When suffering from this condition, a person will experience a constant sensation that radiates from their head and sometimes from their chest. This is a very debilitating ailment and can cause the sufferer to lose control over their emotions. This can then trigger a sudden onset of terror and extreme fear, that can affect the way they live their lives. They will avoid contact with people who might cause embarrassment and panic attacks. If they attempt to share their predicament with family members or friends, they become depressed and withdrawn.

Worries Cause A Burning Sensation In Your Head

If you are wondering whether your anxiety can cause a burning sensation in the head, the answer is yes. It is a terrifying condition and can leave the person suffering severely distressed. It is very important for them to seek treatment for it. The longer they ignore it, the more damage it can inflict on their lives. Seeking professional help immediately will ensure that they receive treatment for it before it spirals out of control and affects their emotional and physical health.

Drug Treatments And Therapy Sessions Can Be Applied For Anxiety

To start the healing process, a person suffering from anxiety must first be diagnosed by a doctor. Once the doctor has ascertained that the symptoms are indeed caused by anxiety, the doctor will be able to prescribe treatments that will be most helpful to the individual. These treatments may take the form of medications and therapy sessions. Therapy sessions are very helpful as they enable the person suffering from the illness to interact with others, learn how to express their thoughts and feelings and discover ways of coping with stress.

It is extremely important for people suffering from an anxiety disorder to learn to control their thoughts and reactions. It is through this that they can begin to heal themselves and find relief from their debilitating illnesses. Seeking professional help will enable them to receive treatment and medications that will enable them to control the burning sensation in the head and prevent it from escalating. Once a person begins to control their thoughts and feelings, their life will become much happier and healthier. Their mental state will also begin to improve and eventually lead to their recovery from their condition and a new, full life.

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