Countries that Must Be Visited in the African Continent – 2021

Countries that Must Be Visited in the African Continent - 2021
African Continent

The African Continent attracts millions of tourists every year with the effect of the fascinating safari it offers. Best African countries to visit are therefore questioned by many people at different times of the year. If you have decided to spend this holiday in Africa or where you think you can evaluate, there are the following options;

  1. South Africa
  2. Ivory Coast
  3. Algeria
  4. Egypt
  5. Libya

So what do you need to know about these countries? In this regard, you must first confirm that the country you want to go to is safe for you. If there is no problem in this regard, these countries will help you and your loved ones to have a good time.

1.      South Africa

This country, which makes up the entire Southern part of African Continent, has different capitals. Pretoria fulfills objectives; while Cape Town is legislative and Bloemfontein is judicial. However, its largest city is Johannesburg, which is not one of them. Home to a rich wildlife, the region appeals to animal lovers in this regard. Here you can make beautiful safaris and take beautiful photos.

Although many people may find it strange, you can discover penguins and go out to explore Africa’s furthest point, Cape of Good Hope. In addition to all these, South Africa also has a very colorful nightlife. So you can complete your holiday efficiently. If you are searching for best African Continent to live in to move, South Africa is among the choices you can make as it is highly developed.

Countries that Must Be Visited in the African Continent - 2021

Countries that Must Be Visited in the African Continent – 2021

2.      Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, a seaside country in the southern part of West Africa, attracts many attention by combining sea, sand and the sun. The official language of the country, whose largest city is Abidjan, is French.

Described by many as one of the most romantic cities in West Africa, Abidjan offers you many opportunities. While the glittering nightlife will provide you with a different entertainment, it helps you to have good moments with your loved ones thanks to its luxurious restaurants and parks. Exploring this country, also included in the list of most visited countries 2020, will give you a new experience.

3.      Algeria

Located in North Africa, Algiers is the largest city and capital city of Algeria. There are many palaces in the country and all of them have a unique architecture.

Algeria, which has a fascinating nature, has known many cultures from the Ancient Romans to the Ottomans throughout its history. Therefore, there are some places that must be visited, like the Constantine Bridge, the Martyrs’ Monument and the Ottoman streets. It is one of the prominent countries in the top visited countries 2019 Africa list, and it has the effect that will bring a new perspective to your life.

Countries that Must Be Visited in the African Continent - 2021

African Continent

4.      Egypt

Egypt, whose capital is Cairo, can be ranked first on the list of the most beautiful country in Africa. It has been described as the “gift of nil” by ancient writers and has a history that was followed up to five thousand BC.

It continues fascinating everyone with its sphinxes and pyramids and has a culture of color and movement. For this reason, if you are thinking of going on vacation either yourself or with your loved ones, it should definitely be considered in your list.

5.      Libya

Libya, the capital and largest city of Tripoli, is among the countries you should consider. This geography, which hosted Carthaginians for a period, has many historical places.

The 800-year-old old town of Ghadames is here and is well received by history buffs. At the same time, Leptis Magna is on the list under UNESCO protection. A trip here will help you understand the history of the area, the Carthaginians, and the Roman-Carthaginian wars.

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