Non 3D Secure Sites

Non 3D Secure Sites

3D Secure is a security system where a ‘’code’’ sent to the card owner’s personal telephone number for the safety of the card in case of purchases made on internet with credit card or a bank card. The code inserted to the redirecting page and the purchase is completed. That means the code actually a permission. Hence, without 3D Secure there will be a security breach. However, even though we have pay safely there would be a moment where our phone will not be by our side. At those moments, you can complete your purchase on websites without 3D Secure without any issue. In case of you have knowledge about these web sites you can shop without 3D Secure as you wish.

About The Unprotected Websites

To buy anything from internet it is not necessary to have a 3D Secure code. Some websites allow you to shop without this security method. This method is just one of the security precautions. Websites without 3D secure do not leave the users completely defenceless. Most of the have their own paying methods and observe the illegal payments carefully. However, it is suggested that you need to be careful about shopping in these websites. You need to use 3D Secure as much as possible for preventing to be subject of stolen card situations. Add to that, the shopping on those websites that mentioned appears on your bank account. In case of a stolen card, you can prove it without any problem.

Websites Which Does not Have 3D Secure  

In the websites mentioned below, 3D Secure is not used. They are safe and served with quality over the years in e-shop industry.

  • Steam does not use 3D Secure. It is a globally recognized, digital gaming distribution platform which created in 2003 by Valve Corporation. You can buy any game you wish on Steam by your credit or bank card.
  • Amazon does not use 3D Secure. Amazon is a company began with selling books, is company which became a centre of global trade online in short time. You can buy almost anything on Amazon such as DVD’s, books, e-books, houseware or personal goods.
  • Trendyol does not use 3D Secure. Trendyol is an online safe shopping zone where you can find thousands of products in various categories such as women, men, kids, home & life, supermarket, cosmetics, shoes, bags, watch & accessories and electronics.

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