Places To Visit In The Italian Alps And Dolomites

Countries that Must Be Visited in the African Continent - 2021
Countries that Must Be Visited in the African Continent - 2021

Places To Visit In The Italian Alps And Dolomites / Italy has a written history dating back to the Ancient Romans. This situation enables it to host a rich culture and history. In this respect, the Italian Alps help you both to witness historical beauties and to witness a unique mountain view.

This region, called the Dolomites, is in the region known as the Southern Alps, or South Tyrol, on the Austrian border in the northwest of this country. It is among the regions that witnessed the violent wars between Austria-Hungary and Italy during the First World War.

However, despite all these richnesess, there are some places that you must definetely see in this area. These can be listed as follows;

  1. Alpe Di Sıusı
  2. Magdalena And The Iconic Church
  3. Lago Di Braıes
  4. Tre Cıme Di Lavaredo

Taking its name from the mineral dolomite, this region is a place where mighty mountains and lush forests combine perfectly. If you want to have a peaceful time, it will be at the top of your holiday list.

Countries that Must Be Visited in the African Continent - 2021

Countries that Must Be Visited in the African Continent – 2021

1.      Italian Alps: Alpe Di Sıusı

The Alps are remembered by many with their snowy nature. For this reason, if you have decided to make a tour of Italy, you should spare the best time for yourself. For this reason, Alpe Di Sıusı is in the first place in the list of Best places to visit in Alps. Alpe Di Sıusı, which is a very famous ski resort, has an altitude of 2350 meters. Although there are wild animals in the area, these do not disturb tourists.

The region, which managed to enter the UNESCO world heritage list in 2009, can be cold even in the summer months. You can witness a magnificent view and visit the cafes in it thanks to the cable car that allows you to easily climb from 1000 meters to 1800. There are walking routes and there are also wire fences in the area. However, they should be avoided because they can be electrified.

2.      Italian Alps: St. Magdalena And The Iconic Church

If you are interested in architectural construction, one of the places you should not forget in the region is St. Magdalena and it is the iconic church. St. Magdalene not only fascinates people with her fairy-tale nature, but also St. It also draws attention with its Johann church.


The church located here is within the borders of Ranuihoff farm and has a historical structure. Because the bell tower has been standing since 1744. It attracts many people with its onion-shaped dome and interior walls. Being one of the best places in Dolomites, this region has no parking area, so you can’t stay for long.

3.      Italian Alps: Lago Di Braıes

One of the places you shouldn’t miss while on a Dolomites holiday is Lago Di Braires. Located at the foot of the mountain and at the foot of the forest, this lake has a unique view.


Known in German as Pragser Wildsee, it attracts many people with its clear waters. Although there is no electricity in the area, there is water and toilet. So your plan should be created accordingly. There are walking paths and cafeterias, and you can even rent a boat.

Thus, you can explore the lake and get rid of all your stress here after a busy year. Light pollution is minimal, so it allows you to see the stars. Region also has Dolomites, Italy hotels, so you can look for them.

4.      Tre Cıme Di Lavaredo

Known as Drei Zinnen in German, this region witnessed an intense war between Austria-Hungary and the Italian kingdoms during the 1st World War. If you are interested in history, you can see the areas where these are experienced and you can take a walk in nature using the trekking route.

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