Symptoms of Pharyngitis

Symptoms of Pharyngitis

A sore throat with or without fever is one of the first symptoms of Pharyngitis. This usually follows a bout of infection in the tonsils, and it is quite common. The infection, tonsil balls (also called Tonsilloliths) or Tonsillitis can cause the sore throat and the fever to return after several days. In fact, even if a patient has not developed any symptoms, a sore throat accompanied by a high temperature is still likely. A persistent fever along with a yellowish or whitish nasal discharge that smells like garlic is often associated with Tonsillitis.

There are other causes of Tonsillitis and other symptoms of pharyngitis. An important cause of Tonsillitis is streptococcus, one of the most common forms of illness caused by bacteria. Sometimes the streptococcus can grow into an infection in the tonsils, called an infection of the tonsils, and this is called a tonsil infection.

Tonsilliti symptoms of pharyngitis

One of the other causes of Tonsillitis is an allergic reaction. The most common allergic reaction to Tonsillitis is heat; therefore, persons frequently experience a sudden onset of fever and a painful or itchy throat when they come into contact with heat. This can be caused by anything from the weather to clothing materials. Other causes of Tonsillitis symptoms of pharyngitis include viral infections such as colds and flu. Viral infections are more common in the summer months, when many people have been exposed to the sun.

One of the standard methods of treating Tonsillitis symptoms of pharyngitis is a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics work by killing the organisms that are causing the illness, but sometimes they are unable to remove all of the microorganisms living in the throat. In these circumstances, a throat culture is performed on the sample of fluid from the throat to check for any type of anaerobic organism. When the throat culture indicates that there are anaerobes present, an antibiotic is given in high doses, in order to kill off as many of the organisms as possible. If everything goes well, after a few days the pharyngitis has stopped and the individual can return to normal activities.

Tonsillitis treatment

Tonsillitis treatment

Tonsillitis symptoms of pharyngitis can also be treated using the same form of therapy, but with fewer dosage’s and less frequency of use. This treatment consists of four divided doses of Miconazole, with no maintenance dosage. This type of therapy usually lasts for six to eight weeks and is administered twice daily, at bedtime and in the morning.

If the throat culture indicates that anaerobes are present, a course of antibiotics may be started. For more severe cases, especially with a history of having streptococcal disease, a course of amoxicillin or penicillin may be required. Treatment of acute pharyngitis usually involves use of nasal steroid sprays, if the fever and malaise do not subside within three to four days, a high dose of cantharidin may be used. This agent acts by inhibiting fungal growth. Another option is a combination of these agents, which should be considered if the symptoms of pharyngitis are acute, especially if travel has been recently involved.

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