Things To Consider When Hitchhiking

Things To Consider When Hitchhiking
Things To Consider When Hitchhiking

Things To Consider When Hitchhiking / Although there are different languages spoken around the world, sign languages often mean the same thing. For this reason, it is understood that you have raised your thumb on the road and want to hitchhike. Hitchhiking basically allows you to go from one place to another at no charge. Although it may seem advantageous, there are some things you should be careful about beforehand.

After paying attention to these, you can even go to camps in a practical way, thanks to hitchhiking. First of all, it is necessary to talk about security. If a vehicle has agreed to take you but seems suspicious to you, it is recommended that you do not choose. In addition, as soon as you realize that the vehicle will pick you up, it is recommended that you immediately memorize the license plate and message it to your best friend, and if something happens to you, tell him/her to go to the police from the plate.

If You Have a Backpack, Make It Visible

Wherever you are in the world, in many places people want to know what happened when they see a person with a bag on the road. For this reason, if you have a bag with you, it is recommended that you keep it in a place where drivers can see it. That way, someone who sees you hitchhiking may be more willing to help you out.

Things To Consider When Hitchhiking

Things To Consider When Hitchhiking


Be Smiling

If you are thinking of hitchhiking, first of all, you should remember to be friendly. Because the drivers do not want to take a sullen or angry person into their vehicles. Also, sulking can cause a change of mind, even if someone wants to help you. Even though you are waiting for long hours and tired, this does not change the situation. Therefore, it is recommended that you tidy yourself up and keep smiling.

Don’t Hitchhike at Night

The rules of hitchhike never change. That’s why Hitchhiking 2020 never has the different answer. One of the rules to watch out for here is that you never try it at night.

The first reason for this is your safety. The second is that there are fewer cars passing by at night. Above all, many passing vehicles will not be willing to help a stranded person at night.


Because the drivers find this situation dangerous for themselves. For this reason, it is recommended that you hit the road with the first lights of the day. This will increase the number of drivers willing to assist you.

Do Not Forget Safety Precautions

Security is required not only for the driver, but also for you. In this respect, before hitchhiking, you should have items to help you in every situation.

If you are a girl, unfortunately, you may be harassed by some drivers. Tools such as pepper gas should be the solution to such situations. So it will be easy to get rid of it in any situation.

Also, if for some reason you suddenly start to mistrust the driver, it is recommended that you land with an excuse. Your feelings should never be overlooked here.

Things To Consider When Hitchhiking

Things To Consider When Hitchhiking

Thumb Is Not The Only Solution

Although hitchhiking and the thumb are inseparable, they are not the only solution. If you start walking with your bag, some drivers may stop to help you.


However, you should also try the thumb method by taking breaks from time to time. If you use both, you can get results in a short time. Finally, it should be noted that some drivers may charge you a fee. In such cases, it is the best option to thank in an appropriate language.

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