Discord Screen Share – How to Use the Plugin

Discord Screen Share - How to Use the Plugin
Discord Screen Share - How to Use the Plugin

Discord Screen Share is a feature that lets you share the screen of any application or game with your team. This feature works on all devices, including computers, Macs, and smartphones. If you want to see the gameplay of another person while they’re online, you can record the video using the plugin and then share it in real time. You can also record the video to share it later with your teammates. This feature is ideal for web support, presentations, and training.

Discord screen share plugin how to include audio

The plugin is available for both Android and iPhone users. To use it, simply go to the voice channel and tap on the phone icon. The phone icon should be grayed out, indicating that the user does not have permission to stream. If so, ask the server moderator to change their role, or if you have multiple screens, select only the one you want to share. Once you’re done, you can click “Share” and start watching the screen.

Discord Screen Share - How to Use the Plugin

Discord Screen Share – How to Use the Plugin

To customize your screen-sharing experience, you can set the resolution and frame rate. Using Discord‘s default settings, you can choose between 720p and 1080p/60fps. If you subscribe to Nitro, you can stream up to 4K/60fps. Once you’re ready to share, you can begin a video call with the other person and share your screen. Then, when you’re finished, you can close the video call and continue sharing your screen.

If you’d like to show your screen to others while in Discord, you can use the screen share plugin. You can do it in any voice channel or server. This plugin allows you to share your screen or a window on the screen with others. When using the plugin, you can choose the window you’d like to share, or choose one specific window for your audience. Once you’re done, you can share the video and save it as a private message.

Discord how to share screen plugin

Discord allows you to share your screen with other members of your team on a voice channel. In the same way, you can also share your screen on a Discord server in full screen mode. To do this, you can click the button on the right side of the screen to make it visible on all channels. You can share your screen with your team members and other users on Discord. You can even record your video conference in full screen mode!

The plugin can be used with iOS and Android devices. To use the screen share function, users must go to a voice channel and tap the phone icon. If you do not see the phone icon, you do not have the permission to share the screen. However, server moderators can change this by granting the permission to share the screen. To get the app, you must be an active Discord member. Once you’re connected, you can simply open the plugin and start the video conference.

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