Free Metin2 Accounts

Free Metin2 Accounts

Gamers who want to start playing MMORPG may read our Metin2 free accounts text and have account. Metin2, like Knight Online, is an online role playing game. Metin2 released in Korea on 2005 and it is free. Anyone who sign up in the Metin2 website can play the game and start an epic adventure with level 1 character. With its game playing system Metin2 gained attention from all the players around the world and became the irreplaceable game on the internet cafes once upon a time.

Metin2 Gaming System

The general purpose of the Metin2 is the bring peace and justice with the Dragon God in the game. While fulfilling this task, there is also a war joined by three countries. There are various classes for newly created characters like shaman, magician and warrior. Also there are a lot of skills and items for customization purposes. Different strategies can be applied according to item and skill configuration.

Free Metin2 Accounts

  • Character Username: gokhandemir679
    • Character Password: 521679gokdm
  • Character Username: nali6592
    • Character Password: zzttnn1903
  • Char: oguzhan0024

    Pass: 240024erz

    Name: visne4141

    Pass: 5505287kml

    Name: cihat52251

    Pass: sanayi52O1

    ID: remyy1133

    Pass: vzvz333vz

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