Free Yearly Credit Report Via Internet

Free Yearly Credit Report Via Internet

Free yearly credit report is now available via Internet. The report can be requested through the Annual Credit Report site which is operated by one of the three consumer reporting companies, Equifax, Experian or TransUnion. Each of these companies provides free annual credit report annually to individuals based on their individual request. This is possible because each of these companies operate their respective websites from the same server and database so that the data obtained are consistent.

You can also directly order a free annual credit report at any time through the official website of each of the three consumer reporting companies through telephone or by visiting their respective offices. There is a special form available in order to request the report. It is advisable that you review the form carefully before completing it as the required information is required so that the request is processed accordingly. This will ensure that you get your free annual credit report.

Free Annual Credit Report

The process of ordering a free annual credit report starts with the individual filling up a simple form provided by the website. The details required are the name, address, date of birth and social security number of the individual. Once the form is filled up, he/she has to submit it along with payment for obtaining the report. Once the request is verified, the report will be provided within 15 days. A hard copy of the report will then have to be mailed along with the payment. It takes around 2 weeks for the report to reach the customer.

Free Annual Credit Report

Free Annual Credit Report

The next step is how to access a free credit report. You may access the report from the website, online or through the mail. Whichever way you choose to access your report, you should make sure that the data contained in it are true and correct. It is only when this is done will the report be useful. You may visit the Annual Credit Report site to check for errors in the report.

Getting Reports via Email

There are several firms that offer the service of getting reports via email. This is probably the most popular way of accessing the report. However, there are certain technicalities involved in it that may cause problems to users. Thus, it would be best to rely on the established online services for accessing the free report.

If you are having problems accessing the free annual credit report, you may ask for a telephone number where you may call to access the free report. This may also work in the event that you are unable to get hold of the report by email. Alternatively, you can directly approach the firm and request a copy of the report. This is how secure the process of getting the free credit report is. So, what are you waiting for? Get your free credit report today!

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