What causes feet to smell ?

what causes feet to smell

What causes feet to smell ? Feet, just like any other part of the body can smell if not taken care of. It is actually the bacteria that is causing your feet to smell since they live on and in your feet. What causes feet to smell could be due to a number of factors, such as poor foot hygiene, constant wetness, or even illness.

Poor foot hygiene can be the most common reason for bad foot odor. Your feet get dirty very easily. As we all know, feet sweat a lot. If it is consistently wet and not properly cleaned then that creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. With the shoes we wear everyday and the socks we wear underneath those shoes, we definitely create an excellent environment for foot odor to grow.

Wearing Socks During The Day Causes Foot Odor

Another way that people get foot odor is because they wear socks all day long. When you walk around and sweat, some of that moisture will get trapped in the socks and shoes. As that water sits on your feet, it will cause your feet to smell. Wearing socks all day long may solve the problem temporarily but eventually it will lead to foot odor problems.

Foot Odor Problems Can Be Caused By Illness

What Causes Feet To Smell?

Feet To Smell

Sometimes foot odor problems can be caused by illness. This usually happens when people who are sick have damp environments to be in such as public restrooms and locker rooms. These areas can actually help increase foot odor problems by giving off a musty odor due to the bacteria and germs growing on the floor. Other illnesses that can cause foot odor include diabetes, tuberculosis, and many others.

Foot Odor Differs Depending On The Person

What Causes Feet To Smell? The answers to what causes feet to smell will most likely depend on the person. Some people have no foot odor at all, while others suffer from foot odor that only goes away when they step into a clean public restroom or locker room. Those with diabetes will probably experience foot odor more often than those with good health.

What Causes Feet To Smell ?

There are a few different things that can cause foot odor. The first is because of bacteria growing in wet environments. The second is from foot odor causing bacteria known as “volatile sulfur compounds”. Last, some types of foot odor can come from foot spurs, which are dead skin cells that sit on the bottom of the feet and gather moisture and cause a bad odor.

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